Regardless of whether you have planned a romantic tour, or you are on a business trip, whether you are traveling alone or with a cheerful company, certainly impression is the most important thing. The first impression can determine the fate of entire trip. It is still ahead, when you are leaving the airport; it is still obscure, when you are enjoying the views of Tbilisi from your car, but it is enough to open the hotel door, that you already appear under its influence – Welcome to Hotel Opera.

Is a pillow soft or not? Does the noise enter the room? Is the hotel cuisine tasty? Do I pay too much for all these? You will clarify everything soon and you will be surprised pleasantly – conform is really perfect, home environment, well-disposed personnel; you can order everything in the kitchen whatever you want. As far as the prices are concerned, they are democratic or just for you. But this is not all – you already have a soft pillow and calmness at home, but is your house located on the Rustaveli Avenue?

For already the centuries the central avenue of this old city has been the best place for walking for both the Tbilisites and the guests of the capital city. Royal gardens were blossoming in these areas in old times; part of them is still preserved in the yard of the Youth Palace; the first Georgian performances and Italian opera were staged here 200 years ago; after the premieres the public sitting in the phaetons were leaving the Rustaveli Avenue, by then Golovin Avenue, singing various songs; the mood has not changed here even after centuries. Just take a walk on the Rustaveli Avenue and you will make sure of it. You can visit the Rustaveli Theatre, you will not even need taxi; or maybe you prefer chamber music – the State Conservatoire is just several steps away from the avenue. Do you prefer ballet to chamber music? It is quite clear – especially as the Opera Theatre is just beside the Hotel Opera. Until you ask whether it is worth going to the ballet or not, remember the girl from the next door, who smiled at you in the morning; yes, this is just her looking at you from a huge poster. It should be noted that foreign artists touring Georgia prefer Hotel Opera. When by the end of the day you, full of impressions, get ready for going to bed, you will once again appreciate the unique location of this hotel; although Hotel Opera is located on the central avenue, from the street to the hotel there is a small garden; therefore, neither the noise nor the dust from the street will reach your room.

You have already made the first impression about the country; and you can plan the rest even without leaving the hotel. The guests of Hotel Opera can enjoy additional services – special tours to exotic Svaneti, a seaside city of Batumi and a ski resort, Gudauri.

And finally, while moving to the airport upon the end of your trip, no matter what the weather will be or how you relatives will meet you. When you are leaving Hotel Opera you know for sure what you are taking with you from this country – unforgettable impressions.

Hotel "Opera" is located on Rustaveli Avenue, the place like Manhattan in New York and as the Champs Elysees in Paris...